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You’re in a Car Wreck….. What Do You Do?

The decisions you make in the next few minutes could have a big affect on your well-being and your pocket book.

  • If possible, do not move the vehicles until a record of the accident has been made. Try to warn approaching motorist with flares, hazard lights, and raising the hood of your car.
  • Call the police to have them come out to the accident scene to take a report. They are much more likely to be interested in filing a report on the accident scene if there were 1) laws broken, 2) drugs or alcohol involved, 3) injury to anyone, or 4) substantial property damage incurred. If the police will not come out to the scene of the accident to file a report, you should go to the police station to file a counter report as soon as possible. This is especially important to help your preserve your rights if you are making an uninsured motorist claim against the insurance company.
  • Try to make sure that all drivers, passengers and witnessed remain at the scene of the accident. If they insist on leaving, write down their names, contact information, and their account of what happened.
  • Take down the name of the police officer and his badge number. Ask him when and where your can pick up a copy of the accident report.
  • Both drivers should exchange contact information, and proof of insurance.
  • Make a diagram of the accident, showing positions of the cars before, during and after impact. If possible, have photos taken.
  • Do not admit to any fault for the accident, or volunteer information. Also, do not sign anything for the other driver, agreeing to pay for damages. Your can and should sign traffic tickets, as this in itself is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing.
  • As soon after the accident as possible, get checked out by a doctor – even if there are no initial signs of pain.
  • Contact your insurance company, usually within 24 hours, to file a claim. You might want to talk to a personal injury lawyer at this time to clarify your rights and discuss questions of liability for the accident. You also need to file an accident report with in Department of Motor Vehicles within 15 days.

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